The definition of "art" has been interpreted in innumerable different ways. The art that we see is a tool to communicate with the world and to express oneself, which is vitalized by the creativity of artists. 


In this sense, we believe "tattoo" is a form of art, which is drawn on a different kind of canvas. 

It is said that the history of tattoo is almost same as the history of humanity. But for certain period, tattoo was recognized as a culture for certain groups of people. 


However, we believe tattoo is no longer a culture of a specific group, but rather a lifestyle that is generally spread from young to the old generation. 



Statistics says 24% of German population (above 18 years old) have tattoos and 21% have the plan to get a (or multiple) tattoos.

This 45% figure is the almost same figure as the number of German adults drinking a cup of coffee every day. 


This is why we believe tattoo is a lifestyle that anyone should be able to approach without a border. And for this reason, we seek to provide customer friendly atmosphere and gentle & professional service,