an art & culture experience gallery specialized in tattoo, one of the most trendy & young kinds of art


We have been growing successfully as a modern tattoo studio, being well-acknowledged for the quality of tattoo arts & service.

But not just staying where we are, we always try to go forward to the next stage.

As a part of it, we opened the second studio in 2020, Inktastic Gallery, with a new concept of business.

Simply introducing the concept, we melt the tattoo experience into a comprehensive art experience.

And being beyond a tattoo studio, we seek to expand our business further by combining with other industries,

for instance, by working with artists as a gallery or by hosting various collaborative events.

Due to the Corona crisis, we have been waiting so long to initiate the new plans.

But the time to be active has come, and finally, we are hiring 2 professionals for Contents Marketing Team!

There are so many great & crazy things we can do and we will be thrilled to share our visions & plans with you.

So, if you are a talented professional being eager to seize an opportunity to grow with us,

click below and check the job descriptions & requirements!.

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To apply, send us your CV and references (your SNS link, if possible)

or if you have a question regarding the job or application, drop an email at