- For small size tattoos 

- We do not make appointments on the day - come over and get your tattoo done (first come, first serve)

- You bring your finished design, printed in the desired size and as a digital version, if available (for example, on the phone)

- There is no design change made that day

- The rush can be high, which is why we recommend that you arrive early to secure your place for the day


Every Saturday from 11: 00-17: 00, exceptions are public holidays.

WHAT? (which motives?)

The Walk In Day is intended primarily for small, simple motifs.

The condition is that the motives are brought along, as we do no more drawing work on the Walk In Day. 

However, we can still vary the size of your motif.
Depending on the complexity of the subject, the maximum size is about 10-15cm.
If it’s very simple and small, we can also tattoo 2-3 motives per person

WHAT NOT? (which motives are not possible at Walk In Day?)
Please note that we do not tattoo in the following places: fingers, palms, face, behind the ears or on the toes and inner foot surface.

Unfortunately, we cannot tattoo any bandings, bracelets, etc. on the Walk In Day because they need a lot of time to adapt.
We do not copy designs created by other artists or designed individually for our customers.

In addition, we definitely have to discourage tattoos on the foot, as the skin is very thin and is under constant strain from walking, shoes, and socks.
As a result, the lines either run very fast or hold the ink very badly and need to be touched up more often (only the 1st touch up is free).
We would definitely recommend a spot from ankle height for better durability. Please think well about your desired placement.


The prices are always dependent on motive, location and size. Our minimum price is 80 € and mostly we tattoo up to 250 €.

(the cost of artists’ flash designs – varies depending on artist, design & size)


We would like to emphasize once again that we can only assign a limited number every Saturday. Please come as early as possible,

as we always place sequentially to be as fair as possible. We also recommend bringing some patience as we distribute appointments throughout the day.

For further questions, e.g. if your motive is possible and how much it will cost you, feel free to contact us via our contact form.